22-23 SEPTEMBER 2018

We were delighted to be part of UNITY Arts Festival - first arts festival in London City Island. Performances, Films, Exhibitions and Workshops across London City Island, Good Luck Hope and Trinity Buoy Wharf. Big community event, hosted just for the fun of it!

Over the weekend of 22nd& 23rd September we opened our doors to you and shared what we do.  To encourage you to both observe and to participate.  Exhibitions, performances and workshops.  A weekend to gather, to venture and enjoy the arts of UNITY.

Bringing together the creatives of London City Island, Good Luck Hope and Trinity Buoy Wharf

 Unity Arts Festival was created in response to the rapid development of new housing and influx of new people to Leamouth Peninsula.  Its purpose is to bridge communities through the arts.  In this first year it is the established arts community of Trinity Buoy Wharf and the expanding community of London City Island to which the festival gives focus.  It is also a year where foundations are being laid to welcome Goodluck Hope and its new residents to the festival program.

Through the unity of artists and arts organisations, the festival strives to bring quality content through a series of exhibitions, performances and workshops.  The aim being to encourage and inspire visitors to both observe and to participate in the arts of UNITY.