RAINBOW AND CHAIR by sokari higgwe

3rd October - 13th October 2019

A photography exhibition with new works by Sokari Higgwe

‘Rainbow and Chair’ explores the transitional state between suffering and celebration through a new collection of photographic works. Sokari captures intimate scenes of men and immerses the viewer in a choreography of bodies interacting with two symbolic objects.

This exhibition invites us to investigate the human condition and how external factors confirm or challenge our perception of the world. 

Sokari is a self-trained photographer based in the UK. His style is influenced by the environment and the world around him, which is the catalyst for his creativity and inspiration for his work. Driven by his passion for architecture, art, design and the human form, Sokari uses photography to showcase a fresh and creative perspective of his subjects. For him photography is an art form used to capture special moments in time.


Venue: Trinity Art Gallery - Unit 22 Hope Street, London City Island, E14 0LG.

Opening Reception 3rd October 6-9pm

Q&A 7:30pm

Opening hours of the exhibition:

Mon by appointment only

Tue 10am-6pm

Wed 11am-5pm

Thu-Sat 10am-6pm

Sun 11am-4pm

On the occasion of the exhibition, Sokari will be hosting Headshot Photography class at Trinity Art Gallery on Saturday 5th October 1-3pm.

Price: £20

Introduction to Headshot Photography is a 2 hours class with a great mix of theory and practice.

Headshots are a great way to transition into earning money from your photography. In today’s visual world where just about everyone needs a headshot – being able to provide the right headshots for the right market at the right price is a service that’s always in demand. Whether it’s a corporate headshot for a company website, an aspiring actor, a musician, a model or a local business owner, they all need personal branding that sends the right message. Shooting headshots can be done in a studio, at home, an office and even outside!

Come and join us for fun headshot workshop with a professional photographer Sokari from London Lighthouse Studio.

Please email us to book the workshop: info@trinityart.gallery